Free places in our childcare

Please send us an email . We keep a pre-booking list. However, we do not fill places in this order, but at any time during the year and according to the needs and capacities of the group.

We try to give priority to children who have lost a close family member and have set up an integration place.

If you are still interested, please contact us again (approx. every 3 months), as our list quickly becomes out of date and we are no longer able to keep up with the phone calls. Thank you for your understanding.

We look after children from the age of about three, but the date of birth is not the only decisive factor.
What is decisive is whether your child still needs a nap, as unfortunately we cannot offer this well and reliably. From about three years of age, some children manage to be outside all day, even in winter, so children should be at least 3 years old in September. Whether your child still wears a nappy, on the other hand, we find irrelevant.

Another group starts with two days of care in the first year - perhaps this is an option for your family. It is usually easier to get a two-day place.
You then commit to staying in the two-day group for about 12 months and can be relatively sure of moving to the four-day group afterwards.

Please note that we do not offer a forest kindergarten group for the Igelkinder during all school holidays and on Fridays. However, the trauma pedagogical offers are subject to other times. Due to the pedagogical concept of day care, there is no fluctuation, your child will always be looked after by the same person. This also means that there will be no absence if the person falls ill.

Free places in grief and transitional care

Giving shape to grief and dealing sensitively with traumatic experiences is part of our daily work with the hedgehog children. We do not overburden children by constantly making explicit offers, but because of the small size of the group we can individually follow the child's proposed path as long as it is helpful for the family and the other children. We have a lot of patience, because grief knows no time.

For the mourning and trauma pedagogical work within the Igelkinder there are no further costs. 1:1 support can be arranged and would then be charged at an hourly rate.

As the Igelkinder only has a small number of places available, I also accompany grieving children and their families outside the Igelkinder. This can be particularly helpful for families

  •  with a life-shortening diagnosis of a family member. Here I am a contact and comfort for their child/sibling and family during the difficult time of uncertainty. We can take steps together and develop what really helps their family.
  • with grieving children who need to be given space for their loss or normality
  • with previous experiences of loss or uncertainty about attachment. It may also be that a parent wants loving accompaniment because they want to learn and live new attachment patterns for their own child. Here, too, I am there for them.
  • If you are plagued by fears and simply need support, we will look together to see what kind of help and specialisation would be good for you.

Contact me simply by email. I speak German and English.
I will usually get back to you within hours.