Trauma-informed practice
Trauma kidsgroups and individual sessions for children and young people from the age of 3. We accompany through grief and fears, develop strategies with them to get out of the spiral and take difficult steps together. We work both in presence in Munich and via Zoom. You can reach us without obligation by email or mobile at +49 160 94467330 in english.

Forest Kindergarten and Trauma-Informed Practice Münchner Igelkinder in Munich Feldmoching

Kinderkrippe Tagesmutter Feldmoching Münchner Igelkinder im Bild Igel im Garten
Kindergarten Feldmoching Tagesmutter Waldkindergarten Trauerbegleitung Trauer Tod München Kita Kitaplatz

Dear family

Welcome to our childcare, our flexible group with or without trauma and our trainings. We appreciate your interest in childcare for children over the age of three and for two or four days a week. We work in a kindergarten-like and forest educational, experiential and situational way. We also focus on working with grieving and traumatised children but as an integrated concept.

We are outside a lot and like to go on outings.
In our network we offer 4-day and 2-day places as a forest kindergarten-like offer, the hedgehog children.
We also have an open parent-child forest group for children from 2 up to primary school age with a focus on experiential and trauma education, the Wildkids.

In addition, trauma-informed counselling for parents and institutions on the topics of child grief, trauma and help for the family. These counselling appointments can take place in person or digitally. We also offer one-to-one trauma education sessions for children, which usually take place in nature and with animal support.

Our goal is to give your child and your family as safe a space as possible. And to give your child an unforgettably wonderful kindergarten time.

I look forward to your enquiry in english or german.
Simply contact me by email with your telephone number and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Christine Trompka

Pädagogische Fachkraft, Umweltbildung
 Traumapädagogik und Traumazentrierte Fachberatung DeGPT/ FV TP i.t.

For World Book Day, we are publishing a literature list with great books on our focus on grief, kids development and work against discrimination. English version

In the right column of the Homepage or below, if you use your smartphone, you find german information about a flexible group for kids with there parents which takes place on single bookable dates. For further english information please visit the english version of Wildkids or just contact me by email.

Our Hedgehog Nest

The childcare takes place in 80995 Feldmoching Munich North. Our Igelnest is located close to the U2/ S1 station Feldmoching. You can reach us quickly and easily by public transport, from the main station it is 25 minutes by U2. You also have good connections to Scheidplatz (U3), Münchner Freiheit (U6) with the buses from Feldmoching station (173,172) or in the direction of Freising or Laim (S1).
Please come by public transport or by bike. Bicycle parking is available directly in front of the building.
Car parking is best at the P&R car park (near Aldi) about 300m away. Please do not park in front of our facility in the play street.

What do Hedgehogs do?

We are lucky to live very close to the city centre and yet very close to nature.
The little hedgehogs Igelkinder are brought to me in Knospenstraße every day to see what the day has in store for us. Whether it's cooking, playing theatre, puppet theatre or watching a Kamishibai story - you can find out what we experience in the meantime on the following pages.
The children in our care should be able to be outside in all weather conditions and for a longer period of time.
Unfortunately, we cannot offer a proper opportunity for a nap. However, nappy changing is not a problem.

Who may become part of Igelkinder?

Our group accepts children from about three years old until they start school. If a place becomes available, we fill it directly during the year and keep a waiting list.
Our hedgehogs Igelkinder should be dressed absolutely weatherproof and, above all, their parents should also enjoy being outside. Igelkinder need warmth from inside and outside to be able to grow. Love, tea and smart clothes - long merino underwear, wool fleece and knitwear over it, outdoor jackets, south vests and very good shoes. This equipment costs, but you can't do without it. If Igelkinder have special needs, we try to find a solution with will, imagination and help. Just get in touch with us.

Logo Kita For Future Deutschland
Logo Kita For Future Deutschland

The Münchner Igelkinder are a solidary part of the climate justice movement.

We try to further reduce our ecological footprint by:
+ We contribute to environmental education, collect rubbish in the forest and talk about global justice, colonisation, racism and the climate crisis.
+ We practice humility for our planet and empathy for each other
+ We travel without a car
+ We almost always eat vegan from mostly organic ingredients to save resources and protect the soil
+ We use 100% green electricity from Greenpeace Energy and avoid plastic wrapping and wet wipes where possible.

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We are also a member of the Bavarian Association of Forest and Nature Kindergartens.