Wildkids Kidsgroup for autonomy, fun, wilderness and adventure

The forest parents' group Wildkids Developing Autonomy is aimed at families with children from around 2.5 years old and up to primary school age.

    who would like to get a taste of forest education and enjoy being outdoors
    Would like to experience adventures outdoors with us ;)
    or have had difficulties with separation or settling in and would like to learn how to approach the subject in a playful way.
    or would like to prepare for a visit to kindergarten
    or would like to rediscover autonomy for themselves as a family.


After a 45-minute walk together, the families arrive at our location. Here you can discover the forest clearing in peace and quiet until I/my colleague join them at around 3.00 pm.

The children have already had time to get to know each other on the way there and in the meadow, perhaps they have ridden a wheel, run or been out in the buggy. There is enough time to stop and discover something exciting in the forest or simply enjoy nature. Your parents are always close by. There is no such thing as bad weather, only if there is a storm we will meet in a safer place.

Everyone looks forward to the children's snack together at 3 pm - as together it already goes. I try to eat with individual brave children a few metres away from you parents. The snack marks the time that you parents should have for yourselves. This means that you now unpack your own activity (book, looking after siblings, but it is deliberately a bit boring on the parents' blankets).

The children and I try to form a small group. From here on, we mark the time when we devote ourselves to exciting children's topics. The parents are close and in sight, but we do more and more our thing together.

We play with closeness and distance, experience moderated conflicts in the group and develop autonomy together and very gradually.

In the summer, some sessions take place on the river Würm between Feldmoching and Karlsfeld.

Depending on the children's interests

    we sing and do handicrafts
    work, build, climb or play by the river
    Practise independence and everyday skills
    Prepare for kindergarten and first discuss, without unconditional compliance, what rules there might be in groups
    Express our feelings creatively and practise changing perspectives and empathy
    Learn the principles of non-violent communication for children and how to express our own needs.
    Feel part of a group of children for a short time where we have positive experiences with each other.
    Talking about our fears, sharing what we want or prefer to listen to
    Raising autonomy, strengthening resources


The role of the parents

However, the parents always stay close by, do not challenge their child and do not give any more impulses after 3.00 pm, so that the exciting part can shift to me and us. The child should be allowed to decide for itself how long it wants to watch from the safe parental blanket and when it wants to participate in the activities. We give the children time and space to dare to take their first steps themselves. Because that will be the resource for further separations and autonomy efforts: "I did it again! Because I wanted it myself."

If we discuss individually that we would like to experiment with a short separation, the parents are only around the next corner and no longer visible/available for the child. It is not about settling in, but about reducing fears about settling in and the children's group without parents. You parents are welcome to set up a hammock for a nap in the summer, work on your laptop, look after siblings a little away from us or read something. However, the also visible separation from parents is only in some cases already part of the concept and not a goal in itself.


My dear large poodle, who is trained as a kindergarten dog and behaves safely with children, will come along to the meeting. The children usually love him and he has already helped many children with an easier separation.

Course of the meetings

Dates can be booked individually and are listed below, usually 1.30 - approx. 4.30 pm.
Blocks of 6 can be booked at a time, subject to availability. There is a solidary and cheaper place available on request. The 6 dates are firmly booked and cannot be made up if the child is ill. However, 6 desired dates can be specified.
The costs for 6 dates are 144,- €.
A free trial session can be arranged. My colleague tends to have the smaller children on Tuesdays and I currently have the older ones on Fridays. I would be happy to discuss the concept with you over the phone and we can see if it would be a good fit.
Individual appointments for single Wildkids dates can also be booked for 30,- €.

 Wildkids dates


Optional: Meet 1.5 hours before and walk together. Then 1.30 pm meeting of parents and children in the northern Hasenbergl. Hike into the clearing via a field path, about 1.5km through the forest.
3.00 pm Meeting of all, common snack and ritual in the clearing for children. Beginning of the relaxation time for parents.
Free play and activities until 4.30 pm
Farewell ritual

 Further free play in the forest or going home together, depending on the family's wishes.

Please bring

Parents: A blanket, possibly a folding stool/ mat/ hammock.
Something to occupy the child that is unattractive (book, newspaper, laptop with work material)
Snack for yourself, tea/ coffee
Suitable clothing, possibly umbrella, tick spray, sun cream
Children: Own backpack with an extra snack for 3.00 pm. Healthy and no outer packaging.
Suitable clothing incl. sun protection
Children should please be dressed in such a way that they do not have to change clothes until 5.00 pm if possible. Already covered with sunscreen.
Sun hat either on your head or in your rucksack.
Bottle of water or tea
The child should already know the backpack and be able to use the lunch box and the bottle to some extent.

Confidence, calmness, patience and lots of love.

The next bookable dates

If there is no time listed, we always meet at 1.30 pm at the Hasenbergl family car park for a walk together or at 3.00 pmdirectly in the forest clearing. 1.30 - 4.30 or 3.00 - 4.30 pm as it suits your family life.

Fri 19.05.
Fri 26.05.
Whitsun holidays - no Wildkids group
Fri 16.06.
Fri 23.06. Meeting place Würm
Fri 30.06. Meeting place Würm
Fri 07.07. Meeting place Würm
Fri 14.07. Meeting place Würm
Fri 28.07. Meeting place Würm


Summer holidays

Mon 31.07.
(1-3 blocks bookable corresponds to up to three individual dates)
Early risers 9.00 - 10.30 Water games and boat building
Midday group 11.00 - 12.30 Mini kayak and river walk
Evenings in the forest. 19.00 - 20.30 Playing and discovering in the meadow/ forest clearing.

Tue 01.08.
(1-2 blocks bookable equals up to two single dates)
Early risers 9.00 - 10.30 Water games and building boats
Midday group 11.00 - 12.30 Mini kayak and river walk

Wed 02.08.
(1-2 blocks bookable equals up to two single dates)
Early risers 9.00 - 10.30 Water games and boat building
Midday group 11.00 - 12.30 Mini kayak and river walk


Unique date Wildkids

Free choice of dates

The shop is still in german. So please send me an Email if you like to book it that way:) thx


30,00 €

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Block of 6 dates Wildkids

Free choice of dates. Please send me your chosen dates.

The shop is still in german. So please send me an Email if you like to book it that way:) thx


144,00 €

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Unique taster with the Wildkids

Free choice of dates

The shop is still in german. So please send me an Email if you like to book it that way:) thx

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